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Drs. Kachko and Bongiorno: Nutritional Genomics for The Brain: Cognitive Function and Mental Health

June 23-25, 2017 – Maryland University of Integrative Health

At this symposium, Dr. Kachko will speak about the affect of nutrition on cognitive function. Dr. Peter Bongiorno will speak about nutritional genomics for mental health.

Other speakers alongside Dr. Peter Bongiorno include: Ruth DeBusk, PhD, Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD, Kara Fitzgerald, ND, Leah Hollon, ND, MPH, Rob Kachko, ND, Liz Lipski, PhD, Deanna Minich, PhD and more.

Dr. Bongiorno will be signing copies of his professional text Holistic Solutions for Anxiety and Depression.

About this symposium: this inaugural symposium will focus on Nutritional Genomics in Clinical Practice. This evolving field emphasizes the critical intersection of nutrition and genetic expression, and MUIH’s symposium will center specifically on translating nutrigenomics information for the clinician and clinical practice. Attendees will learn the science behind the field and gain practical skills that can be applied in their practice to meet the growing patient and client demand for information. They will learn about resources, tests, and training that will enable practitioners to specialize in the field.

This symposium is suitable for clinical nutritionists, MDs, NDs, other clinicians, academics, and students with an interest in nutritional genomics.



It's a Family Affair - Naturopathic Medicine and Family Practice

Friday Jul 14, 2017 - 5:00 PM to 05:45 PM - Arizona Biltmore, room McArthur B

Also speaking at this conference will be Joseph Pizzorno, ND, Tiernona Low Dog MD, Jared Skowron ND, Mimi Guarneri, MD, and many others. Drs. Pina and Peter speak together at the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians conference. At this lecture, they will discuss how they met, reflect on medical school and talk about their 13 year experience in private practice. Pina and Peter met at the National Institutes of Health where they both had a love of natural medicine and decided to go to Bastyr University together. After graduating with a degree in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, they decided to get married and start their practice. They started out with no contacts in the industry, and made a lot of mistakes and learned many things in 13 years. They had a number of personal and professional challenges and upsets on the road to success. Today, they have one child, two successful New York practices, a combined 5 successful books under their belt. They also lecture nationally, formulate and consult for major nutraceutical manufacturers and distributors, and have extensive media coverage, most notably with Pina’s 21 appearances on Dr. Oz.  They even had a video piece about them in the New York Times.

How did they all this? This lecture will be part business, part personal and part inspirational.



Mitochondria and Mood: Understanding the Role of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Psychiatric Illness

Sept 28 through October 1, 2017 - Orange County, California

Dr. Peter Bongiorno will be speaking at this physician's conference alongside Drs. Daniel Amen, Dale Bredesen, Felice Gersh, James Greenblatt, Jonathan Prousky, and many more.

In high school, we all learned that the mitochondria are the “energy packs of the cell.” What we didn’t learn, even in med school, is that the health of the mitochondria are foundational to our health, including our best neurological health and mood. Understanding mitochondrial dysfunction may be the ultimate way to help treat ‘the underlying cause’ of psychiatric illness.

Please join Dr. Peter Bongiorno as he explains the physiology and biochemistry behind this little cellular powerhouse. He will discuss the evidence base supporting a clear role of mitochondrial dysfunction in psychiatric disease that will lead to mood disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar and autism. Throughout the lecture, emphasis will focus on the role of hyperglycemia, stress response, dysinsulinemia, toxicity, inflammation, apoptotic events and nutrient deficiencies - all of which will be characterized, regarding their role in mitochondrial destruction.

Dr. Bongiorno will take you through the various practical clinical assessments as well as useful laboratory testing to best assess for mitochondrial issues. He will then discuss the roles of environmental exposure and toxicity, blood sugar dysregulation, nutrition and stress play on mitochondrial health. Finally, he will focus on how to use natural therapies (lifestyle, supplements, etc..) to heal and return to best mood.

In order to truly heal complex health challenges, it is imperative that we understand the process of disease at its roots. More and more evidence is clearly pointing to mitochondrial dysfunction as a root cause of illness. Understanding this process will be a key to treating chronic disease and aging from the roots. This program fits well within the naturopathic mission to increase the human life span and improve the quality life with aging by understanding and clinically implementing available research and scientific principles.