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What is naturopathic healthcare and how could it benefit my company?

Naturopathic healthcare combines modern and traditional approaches to support a wide variety of health conditions from the common cold to pain and depression. Naturopathic doctors are the experts in natural medicine.

Naturopaths look for the root cause of illness and strive to use the most natural means to assist the body in healing itself. Exercise, lifestyle, diet, breath work, herbal medicine, vitamins, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy comprise a portion of the services offered. No matter what the ailment, the whole person is taken into account.

Is Naturopathic Care Really Safe and Well Studied?

Naturopathic doctors complete a four-year post-graduate medical program that specializes in natural primary and chronic care. Naturopathic care is safe and effective. An emerging body of research is showing on the benefits on naturopathic care:

  • Cardiovascular health: Those at high risk for heart disease reduced their incidence of metabolic syndrome (a major factor of heart disease) with naturopathic care and experienced an overall decrease in their 10-year risk of coronary artery disease.  (1)
  • Pain reduction: Chronic low back pain was significantly reduced under naturopathic care as compared to conventional care, with incidental improvements in body weight and spinal flexion. Naturopathic care was also found to be more cost-effective with employers receiving a 7.9% return on investment in care. (2)
  • Mental health: Employees with chronic anxiety disorder experienced a 56% reduction in symptoms under naturopathic care with additional improvements in concentration, fatigue, social functioning, vitality and overall quality of life. (3)
  • Diabetes: Quarterly visits to a naturopathic doctor for diabetes care resulted in significant blood sugar reductions over regular treatment alone, with increases in physical activity and improvements in mood. (4)
  • Children's health: Naturopathic care for children's ear pain was shown to be well tolerated, safe and produced better outcomes than treatment with antibiotics. (5)

Woman in Office eating a saladYour Return on Investment

  • Corporate wellness yields $3.50 for every $1 invested. (6)
  • Illness is the greatest source of productivity loss. Companies who bring in corporate wellness experience a 32% reduction in sick leave. (7) 
  • Corporate wellness education can reduce healthcare costs by 20% to 55% (8)
  • The average company saves approximately $350 per employee per year by using low risk programs to keep employees healthy (9)

Getting the best of both worlds: complementing acute with chronic and preventive care

  • While the U.S. is number one in heroic care (emergencies, accidents, etc…) the World Health Organization reported that the United States ranks 37th out of 131 countries in the world (right in between Costa Rica and Slovenia) in terms of quality health care for chronic disease – the issues most people live with, and die from. (10)
  • In 2010, New England Journal of Medicine reported that the United States is 36th in life expectancy, while ranking number one in cost, with costs of almost two and a half times the global average. (11)
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that drugs themselves, properly used (not overdosed), are the fourth leading cause of death alone. (12)
  • A 2005 New England Journal of Medicine study showed that life expectancy for children in that year will be lower than that of their parents – the first time life expectancy has dropped in the modern age. (13)

The Power of Prevention

  • Medical research has shown about 40% - 45% of all cancers are preventable through diet and lifestyle choices (14)
  • Your DNA and genetics isn't your destiny. For example, research shows that if you have a gene for stroke, you can block it by eating a Mediterranean style diet (15)
  • About 70% of "disease" genes may be turned on or off based on how we 'bathe' our genes through choices in food, lifestyle, sleep, exercise, toxin burden, and supplementation (16)
  • Preventable illnesses make up 70% of illness costs in the United States (17)

Inner Source Wellness Programs

The basis for change is education, awareness and mindfulness – below, we offer the options that we have seen most successful in propelling patients toward greater health and personal development:

  • Individual workplace lectures  - pay per lecture
  • Lecture packages – packages of 4, 6 and 12 per year
  • Lecture and Cleansing package – includes bi-yearly 14 or 30 day cleansing program for company employees and a 5% employee discount on all visits at our clinic and on home visits

Lectures are available in the workplace during breakfast, lunch or after work hours. Individual lecturers and lecture topics are listed below. More topics available upon request.

Employees enjoying a healthy lunchHow does your company get started on the road to health?

Contact our office manager, Dana Benci at 631-421-1848 ( to set up an informational session with one of our providers and learn more about our different wellness programs.  

Suggested Natural Medicine Lecture Topics

  • While it is well known that acupuncture is effective for numerous health conditions, it is not well known exactly what acupuncture does in the body. Please join us to find out what modern research and Chinese medical theories suggest may be the reason this thousands years-old healing tradition is alive and practiced more than ever. This lecture will discuss the history of acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as modern-day interpretations of how it can affect your physiology for the positive. There will be plenty of time to ask questions at the end about specific health issues too.

  • While aging is inevitable, dealing with hot flashes, listless skin, weight issues, memory decline, and energy problems doesn't have to be. Learn why patients of natural medicine can sail through peri-menopause and menopausal times with zeal. While conventional care often treats the peri-menopausal and menopause period of a women's life like it's a disease, the truth is, it is not a disease. Instead, it could be valued as a time to move into a phase of wisdom, elegance and great health. Join Inner Source Health and learn how to create a peri-menopause and menopausal time that can help women feel better than ever while preventing disease at the same time. Learn the best and most effective natural medicine care to ward off the symptoms of menopause while balancing hormones and getting healthy in the process. Taste and experience some of the herbal medicines commonly used for this work, and learn which ones may be safe and best for you.

  • How we age and our overall health has a great deal to do with what you eat, how you think, lifestyle, toxin exposure and nutrient status. Epigenetic research is clear that 70% of our genes can be modified by these factors. Join Inner Source Health to learn how to identify risk factors as we age, and how to change them as soon as possible to keep a healthy mind and body to have the most elegant senior years. Prevention of Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer will be emphasized.

  • Back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor. It is also one of the most ineffectively treated conditions: oftentimes, people are left with minimal physical therapy, and medications that have long term side effects. This lecture will explore the common causes of back pain, and will help you understand why natural medicine modalities (stretching, hydrotherapy, foods, inflammation strategies, musculoskeletal supports, acupuncture, psychological retraining, and natural supplements) can truly help fix the underlying back pain problem and allow you to be pain free once and for all.

  • Everyone wants his or her skin to look good. Skin, the largest organ of the body, is mostly a manifestation of what is going on inside your body. This discussion covers what your skin requires for optimal health – from its metabolic needs to the common causes of inflammation that can ravage your skin. Learn easy natural ways to protect and nourish your skin from the outside, and inside too. Evidenced- based research, ancient medical tradition, and clinical experience will all be shared.

  • Except for lung cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. This lecture explores the environmental, genetics, food and metabolic factors that contribute to breast cancer. Then, it explains new research to support the steps a woman can take to help prevent breast cancer, as well as how to work with natural medicines and conventional therapies integratively in order to heal and prevent recurrence. This lecture is a must for every woman.

  • Research shows that what men and women put into their bodies, as well as the toxins they avoid, can play a strong role in the future health of their baby as a child, and can define what diseases show up as an adult. Epigenetics is a field that studies how genes can be turned on or off at this pre-life and early stage of life. In this epigenetic light, you will learn how to prepare for pregnancy, and how to use natural medicines and lifestyle to turn the right genes on and the bad genes off for the next generation.

  • Cancer is an emotionally charged condition with enormous physical and psychological power. Because it claims more lives each year in the US than any other disease, it is critical that we understand what it is, how it starts, and how it grows. Only then can we take the appropriate action to prevent or treat it. This lecture will clearly outline the basics that every person should know about cancer. It will discuss how to safely use natural therapies as adjuncts to conventional care. You'll leave with a list of specific foods and lifestyle recommendations proven to reduce cancer rates and recurrences.

  • This lecture will provide an overview of various types of heart disease, their associated risk factors, commonly used medications, and explain laboratory and imaging methods used to assess risk so that you can talk to your doctor as an informed partner. It will also survey about heart-focused diets such as the Mediterranean Diet, DASH, the Dean Ornish protocol, as well as research on nutrition, herbal and lifestyle options for reducing risk and even reversing existing disease. Listen to your heart and join us for this fascinating class.

  • It's fun to think of eating as an exciting taste adventure, and of course what we eat also supplies the nutrients essential to our well-being and the calories that keep us going. But at a deeper level, foods contain vast amounts of information in a language our genes understand – and obey. Incredible as it seems, what we put on our plates actually contributes to, or modifies, the functioning of our DNA! You'll be amazed to discover how foods can influence dramatic changes – helping to cause, heal, or prevent a disease by turning specific genes on or off. This lecture will explain clearly and simply how genes and food work together. Learn how you can help your genes make great decisions on your behalf, and how to make truly informed choices about eating for health.

  • Mood disorders, including mild depression, manic depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia, to name a few, are endemic in our society. The good news is that proper nutrition can be a very powerful ally for maintaining mood health or regaining emotional balance. This lecture will explain the underlying causes of these conditions and discuss why proper digestion, steady blood sugar levels, and maintaining healthy hormonal and nervous systems are critical to emotional stability. In addition, you'll discover which nutrients and whole foods have been scientifically proven to positively impact mood and help you feel your emotional best.

  • Gluten free is 'the new black.' Today, there are many food stores and restaurants serving foods without gluten for so many people on the 'gluten free' bandwagon. The question is: is it really necessary to avoid all gluten containing foods or is this another fad? This discussion helps decipher gluten-free fact from fiction by explaining gluten issues including diagnosis, allergy and sensitivity problems, as well as gluten - disease correlations to help you make a decision about whether 'gluten free' is the right choice for you.

  • Depression and anxiety affect more than 25% of the population and accounts for billions of prescription medications every year. About 40% of New Yorkers are taking some sort of anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications. Most of these cases don't actually need pharmaceutical drugs when evidenced-based holistic and natural options are available. Learn why we are a very anxious and depressed society, and find out about the natural remedies available to help you avoid the medications and fix the emotional problem once and for all.

  • What's the best way to keep healthy given the limited time you have? What health choices are really worth doing, and what is a waste of your time? This lecture will give you a quick review of the most common conditions worth preventing. Then, it will focus on effective strategies based on key diagnostic testing, foods, lifestyle, exercise, and supplemental steps that are easy to do, even with your busy schedule. You will come away with quick and easy steps even the busiest executive has time to do.

  • Sleep medications cause a whopping 300 – 500% increased risk of death, and contributes to thousands of extra deaths every year. Yet, Americans filled 60 million prescriptions for 'sleeping pills' in 2012 alone due to poor sleep. Learn what the causes are for insomnia. Learn what diagnostic tests can help you understand your reasons for sleeplessness, and then learn simple steps to naturally to have a sound sleep and avoid these dangerous drugs. Come away with lifestyle changes and a natural arsenal of safe supplements and herbs to help you fall asleep and fix the problem for good.

  • Health is impossible without good digestion where 70-80% of our immune system resides, which makes its balance so crucial to our overall health. This discussion gives you a quick tour of the digestive tract, and then discusses how digestive health can either fuel or treat virtually all disease. You'll discover how your "fight or flight" response can work for or against you, what inflammation is, and how it influences a myriad of diseases. You will learn how to identify when your digestion is off and you will be given concrete steps (food, lifestyle changes, meditation, supplements, and others) to keep your digestive system it's happiest in order to keep your body it's healthiest. Whether your desire is for prevention or to take ill health by the horns, this lecture will provide you with simple, practical, and effective suggestions for moving towards your goal.

  • Research shows that our kids are getting more prescriptions and toxic medical intervention than ever. Not only that, but rates of pediatric colds and flu, asthma, diabetes, behavior disorders, and obesity are higher than ever. Learn with Inner Source Health what the true causes of most pediatric illness are and how you can protect and heal your children using safe natural medicines. Come away with a basic knowledge of how to choose the best natural supports for your kids. A must for parents who want to smart, safe, and holistic.

  • As more and more couples turn to pharmaceutical means to get pregnant, medicine is focusing less and less on the reasons why couples are really having challenges with pregnancy. In this discussion, you will learn the most common and treatable reasons pregnancy can be difficult to attain. Important lab tests for both men and women that doctors normally do not check will be explained. Common reasons why both men and women have fertility issues will be explained. Also, we will discuss how lifestyle and toxin exposures can play a role, as well as how natural methods like relaxation work, nutrients, herbs, and acupuncture are shown in research to help bring fertility back.

  • This lecture will discuss how we can guard against developing diabetes, give solid advice on what to do if diagnosed, and other specific information on how to better manage an existing condition. You will learn about the relationship between poor digestive health, inflammation, toxicity, mitochondrial dysfunction and diabetes risk - and that there is more to think about than just sugar. You will learn the importance of diet and lifestyle changes for treatment and prevention, and how whole foods, exercise, spiritual work, botanicals and modalities such as Chinese Medicine and acupuncture may help lower, avoid or even recognize the need for conventional medicine. Both type I and type II diabetes will be discussed.

  • Even though about 80% of the population uses some for of natural and alternative medicine the truth is, there is very little information explaining who is qualified to practice holistic care and which medicines are effective and safe. Join us, and learn about the variable disciplines available in natural medicine, and how to pick out a qualified practitioner that would be right for your needs. We will discuss holistic systems such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Reiki and more. Also, this discussion will list out the basics you should be looking for to find a quality holistic practitioner. You will also learn what to look out for to avoid the snake oil salesmen and charlatans.

  • Natural medicine offers excellent choices to help men prevent and treat common men issues such as prostate problems, urination issues, back pain, erectile dysfunction, testosterone concerns, hair loss, and cardiovascular disease. This talk will survey the main issues facing men and discuss natural options men can use to help avoid the doctor's office and unnecessary prescriptions. Focus on foods, supplements, lifestyle and exercise regimens will help each man in the audience figure out how to stay his healthiest and most hale.

  • One of the best-kept secrets in medicine today: the naturopathic physician. Learn about naturopathic doctors, who many experts now consider the doctor for the future. Blending the best of holistic medicine and science-based medical training, more and people are turning to naturopathic physicians to both effectively treat diseases considered chronic by conventional medicine as well as to prevent future disease. This talk will present the basics about naturopathic medicine education, accreditation and practice, how the tenets of this medicine are used to prevent and treat disease, and how it can safely integrate with conventional care. Learn how diet, exercise, stress reduction, lifestyle changes, nutrients, herbal medicines and detoxification are used for the best in patient care.

  • More and more, toxic chemicals are getting poured into our environment and food every day. Some people are very sensitive to these toxic chemicals and this sensitivity can result in diseases like asthma, allergies, autoimmune issues, cancer, neurological, and emotional disorders. Learn about which chemicals are the most problematic and how to protect yourself from these. Also learn about the basics of 'detoxification' - an individualized protocol to help you rid your body of these toxins and take back your health.

  • Inflammation is a fundamental problem and underlying factor for virtually every disease: thyroid disease, digestive problems, emotional issues, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, skin problems and many other problems. Too often, medicine treats the inflammation by using anti-inflammatory drugs. These can mask symptoms, but only to cause more problems and side effects, without fixing the underlying cause. Learn about what you need to know regarding what inflammation really is, and also about the triggers of inflammation. Finally, you will leave this talk with concrete steps on how to test for inflammation in your body and what you can do to live a low - inflammation life.

  • Each person's body is unique and as a result, nutrient needs and challenges are very different for each person. Although food ultimately is the best source for nutrition, hectic lifestyles, poor digestion and low nutrient composition of food can make it difficult to get enough of the right nutrients. But walking into a health food store is quite a maze, as many products claim health benefits. So how do you know which is right for you? This discussion will help you expertly discover which supplements may be of most use to you. It will explain how to tell which ones are the best of quality. Finally, this talk will outline which supplements may be unnecessary, and which could even be harmful.

  • Even though our society is more health conscious than ever, obesity becomes more of a problem every year. In fact, a 2005 New England Journal of Medicine article showed for the first time in history that kids born that year will not live as long as their parents! This is because life expectancy is going down due in great part to the obesity epidemic. Other research shows diabetes rates are soaring, and stomach-stapling practices (bariatric surgeries) are becoming commonplace. In this environment, there is much misinformation about how to lose weight, and how to keep weight off. This lecture will discuss weight loss drugs, bariatric surgery, exercise, supplements, and weight loss plans – and help you decide which ones actually work, and which may be the best options for your body.

  • While most clinical research is done on men, the fact is the woman's body has different risk factors for disease, and often times needs a different approach to healing. This lecture will discuss why most research involves men, and will then identify the leading factors and approaches women should consider to help prevent disease that are not typically discussed by their doctors. Heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and menopausal issues will be surveyed, and a holistic approach surveying lifestyle, foods, and the right vitamins and herbs will be explored.

  • In naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and other holistic medical systems, the liver is an important organ for best health. The liver is also the largest organ of the body (except for the skin) – and we know that the liver is a key for hormonal balance, detoxification, blood sugar balance, inflammation control, fat and cholesterol synthesis, and so much more. Learn the basics about your liver and how you can protect and enhance your liver to keep your whole body in best health. Then, learn healthy and safe methods to detoxify your liver using natural foods and the right supplementation.

Is there a health topic you would like to learn more about that is not listed? Inner Source Health will cover any health topics in which your company or group may have a special interest. Please let us know the topic in advance and we will be happy to create a lecture for your needs.

Where Have Inner Source Practitioners Spoken?

Photo montage of Innersource Health staff giving lectures and appearing on TVCorporate

  • Barron's Top Winners Circle Advisors Summit – Palm Beach, FL
  • Barclay's – New York City
  • Saatchi and Saatchi – New York City
  • UBS – New York City
  • King Kullen Corporate Offices – Bethpage, NY

TV / Radio

  • The Dr. Oz Show - The Katie Couric Show
  • FOX News (national)
  • FOX News (New York, Seattle)
  • Veria Channel
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Long Island News 12
  • Z-100 Radio (New York)
  • View additional video appearances by our staff on our website

Public Classes

  • American Cancer Society – 100th Anniversary – Farmingdale, NY
  • Natural Gourmet Institute – New York City
  • Strength for Life Cancer Support – Long Island
  • GAIA Women's Conference – Long Island

Conferences and Professional

  • American Holistic Medical Association – St. Louis, MO
  • American Association of Naturopathic Association - Palm Beach, CA and Keystone, CO
  • New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians – New York City
  • American Clinical Nutrition Conference – Orlando, FL
  • Mount Sinai School of Medicine – New York City
  • New York Medical College – Westchester, New York
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey – Newark, NJ
  • Bastyr University – Seattle, WA
  • Integrative Medical Conference (formerly CAM Expo) – New York and Los Angeles
  • One Medical – New York City

Your Corporate Wellness Experts are:

Dr. Pina LoGuidice Dr. Pina LoGiudice has been hailed by Dr. Mehmet Oz as a 'world expert' in natural medicine. She has made frequent appearances as a health expert on the Dr. Oz show, Katie Couric Show, and other major media (Fox News, Long Island News, Veria Channel). Dr. LoGiudice is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist. She serves as medical director of the Inner Source Health Clinic in Long Island. "Dr. Pina" began her career in research as a pre-doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health and completed her medical training at Bastyr University in Seattle, the leading institution for science-based natural medicine. Well-known for her work in holistic fertility and pregnancy, women's medicine, and pediatrics, Dr. Pina has built the Northeast's first naturopathic center for women's health, pregnancy and children in Huntington, New York.

Learn more about Dr. Pina LoGuidice »

Dr. Peter Bongiorno Dr. Peter Bongiorno

is medical director of the Inner Source Health Clinic in Manhattan. His interest in natural medicine began while doing research at Yale University, which was followed by a pre-doctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Bongiorno lectures at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYU, the Natural Gourmet Institute and appears on the Veria channel and FOX news as a natural medicine expert. Dr. Bongiorno authored the physician's textbook Healing Depression and his latest book: How Come They're Happy and I'm Not? - The Complete Natural Program for Healing Depression for Good. An inspirational, charming and passionate leader in the natural medicine field – he is well-known to captivate and motivate his audience.

Learn more about Dr. Peter Bongiorno »

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